We’ve got EASA’s seal of approval (again)

This is a short update with some big news: the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved HeliTSA’s 139 and S-92 type training.

Now when you undertake training with us, you benefit from both CASA and EASA approval.

This opens up new opportunities for engineers in the Asia-Pacific who train with us. It also creates an alternative for European engineers looking for a cost-effective type training provider.

We first launched HeliTSA with both CASA and EASA approval. Then we transitioned to our own Part 147 late last year and had to reapply for our approvals (the image of us above was taken during our EASA assessment week).

That means our course materials have now been scrutinised by EASA twice and passed. We’re really proud of this achievement, because EASA sets a very high benchmark for training.

Here are the questions we are most commonly asked about EASA training …

Is it worth travelling to Australia for type training?

Some of our course attendees find it beneficial to travel to Australia for two key reasons: price and experience.

Our training is set in Australian dollars, which makes the price competitive if you are earning the pound, US dollar or euro. It also means that other incidentals including accommodation and food come out cheaper by comparison.

As for experience, our training runs in Brisbane, which is just an hour from Queensland’s most famous beaches and one of the best places to base yourself in Australia. And if you venture down to Byron Bay, you might even run into Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Our instructors go the extra mile to make every day of training really engaging, and they can happily give you tips of places to visit and things that are happening during your stay.

Do Australian engineers really need EASA approval?

We get enquiries from a number of engineers who want EASA approval, either because they’re interested in looking for opportunities overseas or they want to know they’re getting a high standard of training.

The general train of thought we hear from local engineers with both CASA and EASA licences is this: If I can get both approvals from one course, why not?

Does EASA training cost any extra?

No, EASA licencing is a standard inclusion in our type training. And our course prices won’t be changing as a result of this approval.

Have any more questions for us? Licencing is something you can’t afford to get wrong. If you’ve got a question about how training can help you to get licensed, reach out to us to chat about your questions.

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