Gain the practical experience you need to confidently perform your job.

By undertaking training at HeliTSA, you benefit from the combined experience of our professional team. Our instructors are practicing engineers who bring you the latest field knowledge and an ever-growing database of faults. You also gain highly valuable practical experience on operational aircraft in a working line maintenance hangar.

Key areas of focus in each course include:

  • Aircraft systems
  • Flight servicing
  • Line maintenance
  • Common platform faults
  • Understanding aircraft manuals

With this practical foundation and on-course industry exposure, you will have the skills and experience you need to hit the ground running when you complete your training.

Our Courses

To ensure each training program is engaging and interactive, we cap student number. This means we can give you more hands-on experience and individual attention. And with an expanding range of OJT Journals and engine courses, you now have access to all the training tools you need to be job ready.

HeliTSA-139 Courses

These type and refresher courses are designed to meet the growing demand for contemporary training on the 139. Learn practical skills and gain a CASA and EASA Part 147 approved qualification.

  • B1.3 Engine/Airframe
  • B2 Avionics
  • B1.3 Exclusion Removal
  • Refresher Training
Sikorsky S-92 Courses

Each of our S-92 courses are designed in accordance with current industry practice, and are Part 147 approved by CASA and EASA. Learn how to work efficiently on this aircraft used for VIP, offshore and SAR.

  • B1.3 Engine/Airframe
  • B2 Avionics
  • B1.3 Exclusion Removal
  • Refresher Training
Engine Training

Get familiar with the maintenance practices of the T53 or RR250 Series engines. Approved by CASA, these courses takes you through the engines and the aircraft they are used in.

You will focus on troubleshooting and maintenance operations, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how to work with these engines.

Team Training and Custom Course Development

Keep your team up to date with the latest industry knowledge. Our CASA and EASA approved corporate training solutions are fully integrated.

From type courses and OJT Journals through to refresher training and exclusion removal, we provide your engineers with the skills they need at every stage of their career.