Client Review: Why APA invested in a custom RR250 famil course

APA is an authorised Rolls-Royce maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) centre delivering RR250 Series scheduled maintenance programs. To improve performance, workplace culture and client support, they identified the need to train their customer support and component repair team members.

These personnel deal with the engine every day, but have not engaged in formal engine training. So we delivered a two-day RR250 familiarisation course on-site for APA, tailored to the knowledge requirements of participants.

Since undertaking the training, team members have commented that they feel more confident while performing their roles and engaging with clients and other people in the business.

Training Overview

+ RR250 Series Familiarisation Course
+ On-site training delivery
+ 10 staff trained

We spoke to APA’s General Manager Tony Cotroneo about their experience working with us.

Why did you need RR250 familiarisation training for your staff?

The training was for two groups: Customer Support and Component Repair. Neither of the groups are employed in the actual assembly/disassembly of the engine, so they do not have a chance to develop any in-depth knowledge of the engine.

Why did you decide to invest in training?

We felt this training was important to invest in for two reasons:

+ Enable Customer Support team members to deal with customers more effectively.
+ Enable Component Repair team members to have a better understanding of the parts they repair and how they impact the performance of the engine.

What were your specific training requests?

We asked for an engine course that did not go to the depth required of someone that would be involved in the disassembly/assembly of the engine. The request was to give the participants an understanding of the operation of the engine, as well as being able to identify what is what on the engine.

How will this training help to improve the performance of your team?

Most commented that the course content has provided them with a greater understanding and appreciation, which will benefit greatly when performing their roles. It will give them confidence in their own knowledge of the engine, and allow them to engage with workshop staff and customers more effectively.

What feedback have you received from your team about the training?

Timing of the course was perfect for our operational schedule. Everyone involved with the course was extremely happy with the level of training received. Some even commented that it was interesting to know what they had already picked up by working at APA.


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