2022: Our year in review

This was a year unlike any other for us. Finally the fog of Covid lifted and we felt the momentum return to our industry. 

We got so caught up in the excitement, that Pep actually handed the reigns of the BBQ over to Troy for a day – something that NEVER happens. If you’ve been on a 139 or Bell 212/412 type course with us, you’ll know that Pep’s a bit of a control freak when it comes to the end-of-prac cook-up in the LifeFlight hangar. 

All in all it was our best year yet (and not just because Troy didn’t burn the bacon). The optimism of a return to normalcy filled our training rooms and we saw growth throughout our industry. Our calendar was back to back with courses – most of which sold out as operations picked up across the country. And along the way we had a lot of laughs with our students. 

For us, this year was all about consolidating our focus on ensuring training isn’t just a checkbox exercise. We keep or instructors current, so you are on top of on any new developments or issues that have occurred during the year (rather than teaching out-of-date content). This goes for all of our courses – whether it’s a one-day refresher or five-week type course.

Here’s a look back on the year that was, plus a preview of what’s to come next year (scroll to the end for two big announcements!)  

Bell 212/412 training launched

We launched a new Bell 212/412 type course to keep up with the demand for more type training in Australia and we are proud of how it all came together. If you missed the launch, here’s why we launched Bell 212/412 training.

S-92 training was in demand

There was lots happening on the S-92 this year! In addition to our public type course, we ran a private type course for PHI. We did the practical component in the PHI hangar, meaning we got a whole heap of maintenance done for PHI during training, and the participants were able to work together as a team (as they would do in the hangar). 

Finally, we also hosted famil S-92 training for CAA New Zealand as part of the RocketLab S-92 project (they’re using the S-92 to catch rockets – check out what they’re up to here). 

We programmed Custom recurrency training

This year we also launched on-demand recurrency training for our clients to ensure that all training touchpoints within an organisation are as comprehensive as possible. Because as we always say – training is never just a checkbox exercise. So even though recurrency training is a regulatory requirement, we are working with clients to bridge their specific skill gaps. We’ve learned that no matter how large or well-resourced a company is, it’s hard to get engineers together at once to share their knowledge. That’s why our recurrency training delivers new content but is also designed to facilitate conversation, so that knowledge is transferred throughout an organisation.

Plus it was business as usual

Let’s not forget about our ever-popular 139, RR250 and T53 courses. These courses ran throughout the year, and we enjoyed seeing the participants grow in confidence as they progressed through the course.

There’s more to come in 2023 (announcement below)

In exciting news, we’re launching a EC135 Series type course and a Pratt & Whitney 200 Series engine course next year! These are yet to be listed online, so please email us to be placed on the waitlist for these courses and you’ll be the first to know when training dates are announced. There are limited spots on all other type courses.

All in all, 2022 was a cracker of a year. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our reviews to see what our students thought.

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