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What is a first of type OJT Journal?

With the changes in Part 66 licensing in recent years and the discontinuation of SOE journals for type-rated licenses, there has been no method for attaining the first type rating on your CASA B1.3 licence.

A first of type OJT Journal is a logbook with pre-populated tasks (approved by CASA) for you to complete. We then assess your completed Journal and, if it has been correctly completed, HeliTSA will submit a Form 465 on your behalf to CASA. This allows you to obtain your first of type rating. After this, you will not be required to complete any other journal to obtain additional type ratings.

What is an Exclusion Removal Journal?

An Exclusion Removal Journal is for engineers who already have a B1.3 licence with a type rating but still have electrical exclusion (E1, E4 and E5) on their licence.

Please note that if you prefer to use an SOE Group 20 Journal in lieu of our Exclusion Removal Journal, in accordance with Part 66 AMC/GM.AMC4, CASA will accept and assess your old Group 20 SOE Journal for exclusion removals until 03 July 2020. Please review CASA regulations for any changes to this ruling.

Why do I need an Exclusion Removal Journal or SOE?

CASA has ruled that for B1.3 engineers, this is your first of type in the ‘Electrical’ category, which requires you to complete this Journal.

How long will it take to assess my Journal?

Once you have posted us your Journal, you will be required to log in to your profile and pay the assessment fee. When we receive payment, we begin assessing your Journal. Our internal assessment takes up to ten business days and CASA requires 20 business days for review.

Please note these are the maximum timeframes. We always endeavour to process your Journal as quickly as possible, however please allow sufficient time for review.

If it is determined that one or more tasks have not been sufficiently completed, your Journal will be returned to you. Once the task/s have been correctly completed, you can then resubmit your Journal (no additional fees are charged for this).